The Cool New Stuff That Came In Recently

The New Board/Card Games:

The New Roleplaying Games:

The New Miniatures Games:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing:Wave 2 Aarakocra Expansion Pack from WizKids
  • Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing:Wave 2 Black Shadow Dragon Expansion Pack from WizKids
  • Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing:Wave 2 Movanic Deva Expansion Pack from WizKids
  • Star Trek Attack Wing:Oversized Borg Cube Expansion from WizKids
  • Star Trek Attack Wing:Template Set from WizKids
  • Warhammer 40K:Blood Angels Librarian in Terminator Armor from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer 40K:Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer 40K:Grey Knights Purifier Squad from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer 40K:Shield of Baal from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer 40K:Shield of Baal (Softcover) from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles:Glottkin (Softcover) from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles:Nagash (Softcover) from Games Workshop

Here Comes the Imperial Raider

Introducing a New Huge Ship to X-Wing (TM) and the STAR WARS (TM) Galaxy!

Epic Play for the X-Wing miniatures game is about to get more epic…

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to bring you the all-new Raider-class corvette, a new Imperial ship for X-Wing Epic Play and a new addition to the Star Wars galaxy!

Designed in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. for use within the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats, the Raider-class corvette is the highlight of the upcoming Imperial Raider Expansion Pack.

Raider-class corvette.

Kuat Drive Yards began manufacturing the Raider-class corvette in 6BBY as a dedicated anti-fighter vessel after it was successfully pitched by Lira Wessex, the designer of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. She recognized that the Imperial Navy lacked a small, modern craft to reinforce the TIE fighter squadrons deployed by Star Destroyers, and she designed the Raider-class corvette as a durable, 150m vessel that featured multiple hardpoints and would excel at suppressing Rebel fighter attacks.

Like the Rebellion’s huge ships, the GR-75 medium transport and CR90 Corellian corvette, the Raider is too big for Standard Play and the game’s standard 1/270 scale. Accordingly, the expansion’s Raider miniature is presented at …read more

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Life and Death in the Virtual World

The Source Is Now Available for Android: Netrunner

The drive was just a small block of metal. His hands were shaking.

Back on Earth, in the relative safety of his apartment, cyber-explorer Nasir Meidan stares at the quantum drive in his hand. He boots up his console. He wonders, was he able to complete his download? Does this drive truly contain the net’s legendary source protocols? What will he find?

After five Data Packs of thrilling lunar encounters, Corporate security measures, and armed mercenaries, all Nasir has left to do is pull up the files… The Source, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Lunar Cycle for Android: Netrunner, is now available at retailers and online through our webstore!

The Source brings the cat-and-mouse cyberstruggles of Android: Netrunner back to Earth, but its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) ensure that game will be forever changed by your journeys. At the end of your lunar expedition, you’ll find a final look at the moon’s locations, grail ice, and Corporate divisions.

You’ll also find surprising new takes on life, evolution, and death in the virtual world. Corps gain new cards that …read more

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Nature's Ire

The Second Descent Cooperative Adventure Is Now Available

Nature’s Ire, the second cooperative adventure for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, is now available via Fantasy Flight Games in-house manufacturing!

Previously available only through a Descent Game Night Kit, you can now pick up your own copy of the Nature’s Ire adventure. This expansion marks the second fully cooperative adventure for Descent Second Edition. In traditional games of Descent, one player is the overlord, controlling deadly monsters and springing traps, while up to four players battle these monsters, gathering items and experience as they move through the campaign.

Cooperative adventures like Nature’s Ire change this gameplay entirely by allowing up to four players to work together to defeat monsters and traps controlled by the game. Each cooperative adventure simulates a mini campaign in one session, inviting you to explore an expanding area, testing your wits, battling monsters, and grabbing loot and experience along the way!

Important: The rules for the Nature’s Ire expansion are not included in the box. The rules (pdf, 27.8MB) are available for free download by clicking the thumbnail to the right or from the Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition support page.

Enter the Forest

In …read more

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Breaking the Ice

Mountains of Madness is Now Available

For a second we gasped in vague admiration of the scene’s unearthly cosmic beauty, and then vague horror began to creep into our souls.
–H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness, the new side board expansion for Eldritch Horror, is now available at your local retailer!

A Misktaonic University expedition to Antarctica has discovered prehistoric ruins and encountered inhuman, bloodthirsty creatures. In Mountains of Madness, investigators follow that expedition’s trail and search Antarctica’s icy expanses for the clues needed to save humanity from the awakening Ancient Ones. In addition to the side board depicting locations throughout Antarctica, this expansion features two Ancient Ones and eight investigators who are willing to sacrifice their lives and their sanity to save the human race. These brave souls are aided by plenty of new Assets, Spells, and Artifacts as they search for clues and battle not only monsters, but harsh and deadly conditions across the globe.

The Secrets of Antarctica

If you choose to brave Antarctica’s below-zero temperatures and isolated expanses, you’ll trace the path of a doomed Miskatonic University expedition, from the bustling Miskatonic Outpost over the snowy, uncanny Mountains …read more

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The Cool New Stuff That Came In Recently

The New Board/Card Games:

The New Roleplaying Games:

The New Miniatures Games:

  • Across a Deadly Field:War in the East from Osprey
  • Ancient Warfare Vol 8, Issue 5
  • Wargames, Soldiers, & Strategy #75
  • Warhammer40k:Blood Angels Tactical Squad from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer40k:Codex Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest from Games Workshop
  • Warhammer40k:Codex Blood Angels from Games Workshop

Important Restocks:

Guarding the Land of Steel

Preview the Daqan Units of the Hernfar Guardians Army Pack

Countless Blood Harvesters filled the water, their scythes shining in the darkness. Torches and fires were being lit throughout Hernfar Isle, signaling that Citadel Guards and Knights were on the way, but for now a few Greyhaven Battlemages would have to hold off the invasion alone. As the hulking forms of the Uthuk Y’llan forces began to come ashore, one mage held aloft a rune and shouted an attack spell at the top of her lungs…

Take up arms against the ravenous hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan with Hernfar Guardians, an Army Pack expansion for BattleLore Second Edition. Hernfar Guardians features four new Daqan units, from mages skilled in combat magic to thundering metal automatons. With the included army cards, these units and the included Citadel Guard units can be instantly delployed in two different, complete, formidable armies, each able to stand firm against any onslaught. Or, you can combine units from Hernfar Guardians with those from the core set for a custom army suited to the battle at hand.

In today’s preview you’ll learn about these new Daqan units, their unique abilities, and the strategic strength of both the Hernfar Guardians …read more

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The Woodland Realms Unite, Part Two

A Second Breakfast Article by Developer Matthew Newman

The final chapter of Heroes

Haldir of Lórien (Trouble in Tharbad, 56)
Legolas (Core Set, 5)
Mirlonde (The Drúadan Forest, 32)


3x Daughter of the Nimrodel (Core Set, 56)
3x Galadhon Archer (The Nin-in-Eilph, 87)
2x Galadhrim Minstrel (Trouble in Tharbad, 63)
2x Henamarth Riversong (Core Set, 60)
3x Mirkwood Runner (Return to Mirkwood, 123)
2x Rúmil (The Three Trials, 28)
3x Silvan Tracker (The Dead Marshes, 102)


2x Bow of the Galadhrim (The Nin-in-Eilph, 88)
2x Cloak of Lórien (Celebrimbor’s Secret, 120)
2x Elven Mail (The Three Trials, 29)
2x Lembas (Trouble in Tharbad, 64)
3x Ranger Spikes (Heirs of Númenor, 17)
2x Rivendell Blade (Road to Rivendell, 31)
2x Rivendell Bow (The Watcher in the Water, 57)


2x Feint (Core Set, 34)
3x Foe-hammer (The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill, 15)
3x Hands Upon the Bow (Shadow and Flame, 131)
3x Pursuing the Enemy (Trouble in Tharbad, 60)
2x Rain of Arrows (Core Set, 33)
2x The Tree …read more

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D&D Attack Wing Miniatures Game: An in-depth review of the Wave 1- Wraith Expansion

By Lee


Greetings D&D Attack Wing Fans!
Welcome to the forth article about the exciting world of D&D Attack Wing Miniatures Game. Today, Jay Kirkman, owner of Moonlite Comics in Frankfort, KY, shares an in-depth review of the Wave 1- Wraith Expansion.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the early all-stars of D&D Attack Wing, the solo wraith. The wraith may not feel like a “solo,” given that there are in fact two figures in the Wraith Expansion Pack. When you discover, though, that one of the wraith’s upgrade cards (Create Spawn) lets you raise up a second wraith from a fallen foe, it makes better sense to see them as another single-unit expansion like the Sun Elf Wizard or Dwarven Ballista.

The Wraith Expansion Pack contains the most expensive single unit in the game to date, Lord Maximilian. Weighing in at a full 50 Legion Points (LP), even un-upgraded you still have a force to be reckoned with. He’s very nimble, with a wide array of Green and White maneuvering, including a short-range turnabout: just the tool you’ll need to be able to outwit your foes in maneuvering. In addition, the feint action gives you tremendous agility as to …read more

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Under the Skin

Tim Cox Previews a Scenario for Zombie Apocalypse

What if, all of a sudden, your friends and family weren’t themselves? And not just them, but your neighbors, coworkers – everyone. Even your pets. They still look like themselves, and even talk like themselves (except your pets, obviously)… mostly. But something’s off. That’s bad enough, but it gets so much worse. There’s something under their skin.
–Under the Skin, Zombie Apocalypse

You’ll face countless zombies and unimaginable dangers in Zombie Apocalypse, the first book of The End of the World line. Five distinct scenarios each offer a different take on the rise of the living dead, and you’ll need all your wits and skills if you want to survive.

Some threats you may recognize from classic zombie movies or literature, but others are a little bit stranger. Today, Tim Cox, the writer who adapted Zombie Apocalypse from El Fin del Mundo, shares his thoughts on the game’s scenarios and goes in depth with his particular favorite: a scenario called Under the Skin…

Writer Tim Cox on Reinventing the Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse includes five distinct scenarios, each covering a different way that the world might end – …read more

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