D&D Attack Wing: 120LP is Dead

By Lee


120 LP is dead.

At least, that’s been the prevailing wisdom with the advent of the D&D Attack Wing blind boosters, where players were building around 90 LP and completing the army with one of five random blind units. And with blind boosters central to organized play from OP months 2 through 6, nobody’s playing 120 LP anymore. Right?

The truth, of course, is a little more complicated. Most places seem to be running D&D Attack Wing OP literally as a monthly event. And speaking as a retailer, if you’re going to be doing this only occasionally, then yeah, you’re going to want to run the format that involves selling some extra product — nothing remotely wrong with that. All the same, I’ve made a priority to support both in the shop. This isn’t a conceit: it’s worth pointing out that the D&D Attack Wing National Championships next month in Glen Burnie, Maryland are 120 LP straight up — no cracking little black boxes and hoping to get the one you want.

So reports of 120 LP’s death have been greatly exaggerated, to borrow the misquote often attributed to Samuel Clemens. It may be a secondary format, but to me it remains the …read more

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D&D Attack Wing OP 2 Review

By Lee


For those of you unfamiliar with our beautiful state of Kentucky, Louisville is the largest city in the Commonwealth. A little less than two hours down Interstate 64 is Lexington, the second-largest. Nestled in between the two is the state capital (and home of my store), Frankfort, and we’ve been excited to find that there’s a game store in each point along that axis that has enthusiastically jumped into D&D Attack Wing.

You might recall in my tournament report here a couple months ago we traveled to Louisville for a tournament. This time, we’ve headed the other direction to Lexington’s Rusty Scabbard, for an afternoon of flying the unfriendly skies. Team Moonlite was represented by myself, Donald Williams, and Russell Catlett, and there were blind boosters to open and dragons to be won!

D&D_AW-Aarakocra-Creature_Cards2DnD_AW-WhiteD- Creatures DnD_AW-WhiteD-UpgradesD&D_AW-Starter_Set-Closer Quarters

I decided to give another run-out to a build I’d been having some OP2 success with, which fields a full flight of aarakocra alongside a tanky Arveiaturace (with Cold Breath and Close Quarters). The tournament organizer for The Rusty Scabbard, Scott Cox, had taken first in a …read more

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WizKids Releases Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn in North America

By Lee


Media Alert —

WizKids Releases Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn in North America

Dice Masters enters the iconic Forgotten Realms Universe in latest release

Hillside, NJ — March 11, 2015 —WizKids has great news for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe as they have released Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn. Available in game retailers across North America, and soon-to-be launched in other regions, Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn lets players collect and assemble a party of warriors and battle one another with dice-based combatants including dragons, mind flayers, beholders, and kobolds.


To celebrate the launch, while supplies last, purchasers will receive a free Minsc and Boo — the iconic hero and his miniature giant space hamster—promo card and die to build up their dice collection.

Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn is available in a starter set for $19.99 and includes:

  • 44 Custom Dice
  • 38 Cards
  • Two Dice Bags
  • Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook
  • Compatibility with all Dice Masters games

Everything two players need to play Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn!

Additional foil packs are available for $0.99 and include two cards and two dice, letting players easily expand their Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn collections!

Find out more about Dice Masters Battle for Faerûn …read more

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D&D Attack Wing Wave 4

By Lee


It’s an embarrassment of riches! If you’ve been with D&D Attack Wing from the start, you’ll recall it wasn’t that long ago we had a bit of a drought of figures after Wave One. And while there’s no guarantee that further issues with the port system on the West coast won’t offer further disruptions, we’ve certainly been spoiled for choice lately as Waves Three and Four have touched down right along with the blind booster Organized Play figures.

With Wave Four now out and Wave Five recently spoiled on The Dice Tower, we’ve got plenty of new options to upgrade our armies. Whether you’re angling for the 90/30 Legion Point OP split with the blind boosters, building for the “constructed standard” of 120 LP, going for the mass battles of the 200 LP level, or something all your own, there a number of new units and upgrade cards to enhance your chances for victory.

Today we’ll be looking at what Wave Four has to offer.


First up is the gargoyle. With this unit, we have another rather intriguing narrow-niche specialist, much in the same way that Arveiaturace, for example, is a melee specialist. For its part, the gargoyle is a melee ground attacker …read more

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New York Toy Fair 2015 Success!

By Lee


Greetings WizKids Retailers!

We are doing our best to keep you updated on WizKids product releases.

WizKids at NYTF 2015!

New York Toy Fair 2015 was a great success

A big thank you to everyone that came by the booth and were able to get a sneak peak at some of the exciting things we have in store for 2015! Unable to make it to the event? Watch WizKids’ very own James O’Brien open Dice Masters foil packs while at the show on the official WizKids Facebook page now!
1d 2d 3d 4d

Arriving Next Week!

DC Comics HeroClix: Justice League — Trinity War


DC Comics’ premiere super-teams take center stage in the newest DC HeroClix expansion from WizKids! Featuring sub-themes including the Justice League of America, the Justice League Dark, the Crime Syndicate and more!

DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War also features the Seven Deadly Sins 3D Special Objects randomly inserted into boosters. The Seven Deadly Sins 3D Special Objects interact with the Rock of Eternity and Pandora’s Box retailer case incentive resource dials!

DC Comics HeroClix: Justice League …read more

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D&D Attack Wing Blind Boosters Part 2!

By Lee


It’s here! You might already be amongst the fortunate who have managed to attend a D&D: Attack Wing Organized Play Month 2 event, or perhaps you’ve got one on your calendar right around the corner. There is a vast difference between the first month and this one, and we’ll continue taking a look at the new units you’re going to have to contend with to give you an advantage when it comes time to start grabbing for that Compass!

In our last OP2 review, we looked at the ranger, druid, and half-dragon fighter. That leaves two more, and if the early buzz around them is to be believed, these are the two you’re really going to want to be watching for — either on your side of the table or your opponent’s.


Rath Modar is no joke. In the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, Modar is a prime villain, a ruthless wizard looking to advance the power of Thay even if it means subjecting the rest of Faerûn to subjugation by Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons.

In D&D Attack Wing, he’s no less dangerous, and his focus is clear right from the start, as a look at his Primary Weapon Value …read more

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West Coast Shipping Delays

Learn How This Affects Fantasy Flight Games

Because of the recent dispute between the Pacific Maritime Association and the workers of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, ship unloading operations have been hampered.

We are hopeful that current shipping issues will be resolved quickly. Unfortunately, the continuing port slowdowns have affected any merchandise manufactured in Asia and imported to the United States, including several upcoming Fantasy Flight Games products.

Affected FFG Products

The following new products have currently been affected by the unloading complications on the West Coast and are delayed:

  • Rogue Squadron cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game
  • Fly Casual supplement for Edge of the Empire
  • First wave of Imperial Assault Ally Packs and Villain Packs
  • The Lost Realm deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
  • Star Wars: Armada Core Set
  • Star Wars: Armada Dice Pack

The following product reprints have currently been affected by the unloading complications on the West Coast and are delayed:

Master of Hawks

Preview the Eldar Warlord from the Descendants of Isha War Pack

“May the winds of fate guide my sword.”

Long ago, only one race of Eldar dwelt among the stars. But their depravity awakened a new Ruinous Power: She Who Thirsts. Now the race has split into the Dark Eldar and the Eldar. One of these factions embraces every form of torture, while the other walks a path of asceticism. You’ll find new warlords for both in the Descendants of Isha War Pack for Baharroth (Descendants of Isha, 111) is known as “The Cry of the Wind” in the Eldar Lexicon. He is renowned for his speed in battle, and he has led his Swooping Hawks to countless victories. In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, Baharroth’s ability text consists of just one word, but that word conveys everything you need to know about the Swooping Hawks’ fighting style. Baharroth bears the Mobile keyword, allowing him to move to an adjacent planet at the beginning of any combat phase.

While plenty of other units in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest have possessed the Mobile keyword, a Mobile warlord opens new strategies for Eldar forces in the Traxis sector. Because he’s …read more

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The Lay of the Battlefield

Preview the New Scenarios of Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn

Poisoned arrows darkened the skies but the horses were galloping too fast to be hit. They charged straight into the midst of the half-demon archers: some fell beneath the horses’ trampling hooves, others simply fled. Then the horses stopped cold. Standing between the Citadel Lancers and their goal was a tall, bloodied barricade of spears, sharpened wood staves, and bones. The men exchanged determined glances, and prepared their horses for the perilous jump…

Charge forward with Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn, the new Army Pack expansions for BattleLore Second Edition. In Hernfar Guardians you’ll find thirty-four sculpted plastic figures: four new Daqan units adept at breaking enemy lines and defending prized positions, along with the Citadel Guards to support them. Warband of Scorn contains thirty-seven Uthuk Y’llan figures: three units of Blood Harvesters and four new units certain to make your opponent’s army bleed in every fight.

Earlier previews have provided in-depth introductions to the units of Hernfar Guardians and those of Warband of Scorn. We also previewed the Army cards of each expansion, which suggest battle-ready offensive and defensive armies made from only the units included in …read more

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Free Traders

Preview the Character Options of Fly Casual

“Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.”
–Han Solo

A smuggler’s life is one of bending the rules or creating your own, of fighting for survival and making narrow escapes. Smugglers may be thought of as greedy and self-interested, but that’s the price they pay for freedom – and under Imperial rule, freedom is a precious commodity. They’ll take on any job that pays well, not just for the money, but because money is what gives them independence.

In Fly Casual, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game, you’ll find everything you need to experience a Smuggler’s life, from talents that let you talk your way out of trouble to gear that conceals contraband. For Game Masters there’s plentiful information about smuggling within the Star Wars galaxy, a guide to designing a smuggling ring for your group, and ideas for staging con jobs, scams, break-ins, and all sorts of illegal activities.

Today’s preview focuses on the Smugglers themselves. We’ll look at the three new Smuggler specializations introduced in Fly Casual, …read more

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